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  • Who is Jarvis Buckman?

    Jarvis Buckman, a creative problem-solver by nature, has spend most of his life focusing on math, science and engineering. He earned his B.S. in Industrial Engineering and a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University in 2003. A student-athlete, Jarvis also earned the Bill & Melinda Gates Millennium Scholarship, the Eisenhower Watch, and varsity letters in wrestling and track. Always striving to do his best, Jarivs spent his time in college excelling in and out of the classroom.

    Financial Experience

    Jarvis Buckman has been fascinated by numbers throughout his entire life. Upon graduating from Columbia University Jarvis joined the team at JP Morgan. He worked diligently for three years on the Credit Hybrid Products team where he was eventually promoted to an associate position. Following these outstanding experiences, Jarvis decided to return to Columbia to obtain his MBA in Finance. Upon finishing his degree he joined the team at Credit Suisse. In his time as a structured product professional, Jarvis collaborated with close to one hundred accounts, executing over $30 billion in transactions and working across numerous client segments. While the largest segment was Hedge Funds, a solid 18% of his historic account activity was with Banks/Insurance/Pension accounts, while the remaining 2% was with Monolines/Derivative Product Companies. He is currently serving as the Managing Partner of Leste Determinant Capital. Building on his experience in structured products, distressed investing, and litigation finance, Jarvis seeks to capture value in inefficient asset classes through the use of customized investment structures.

    Education Advocate

    As Jarvis Buckman sought out his professional career in finance, he always had a passion for education. He believes that educational opportunities are the foundation for a thriving global community. From Jarvis' beliefs in education he has been able to help many young people find their passion for furthering their learning. One of his greatest accomplishments in education was helping to raise over $10k for Say Yes to Education through the Wall Street Boxing Charity Championship. Jarvis Buckman has chosen to use his spare time to support education and even take on his own teaching endeavors. He not only credits his past educators for his inspiration, but his wife and sister who are both outstanding teachers. As a financial professional, Jarvis has taken a particular interest in financial literacy. Jarvis Buckman has helped develop workshops for schools as well as raise funds for programs that encourage financial literacy and independence. His ultimate goal is to develop a nonprofit organization which highlights and rewards exceptional teachers for the lifelong impact they have on their students.

  • Jarvis Buckman's Education

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    Columbia University

    Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

    Bachelor of Arts in Economics

    MBA in Finance

    Class of 2003 & 2011

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    Thoughts on financial literacy, education, and the professional world.

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